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Anonymous: I was scared to get on ur tumblr. But I just realized how amazing it is. IM SUCH A FUCKING REBEL MAN

Scared of what?? Lmfaooo

Spooky ships


It’s the 1st of October so it’s basically Halloween and I’m gonna do some ships to celebrate!


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  • a follow would be super nice but it’s ok if you don’t

You will get:

Ship: Mike // Luke // Cal // Ash

Ship name:

A lil halloween blurb:

Blograte: /10

no notes and u never saw this (like a ghost bc spooky)

Anonymous: you are literally my fav bc bitches be hatin on ash's hair lately and I think its adorable so you go girl

Not even gonna lie I kinda didn’t like it at first but then I sAW IT IN PERSON I WAS LIKE ON THE GROUND IN TEARS I WANNA RUN MY FINGERS THROUGH IT IM IN LOVE WITH IT